WBA Race #3-4

We have gotten a lot of enquiries about racing at SPNC this weekend.


The weather has held steady and Mike P is working overtime to make sure we have trails and target line. We will be modifying the races due to conditions, but we will proceed as planned.

Saturday: Modified Individual (shorter)
Sunday: Sprint

The conditions are variable, but doable. For those who did not make it to the TOP clinic with Lanny Barnes this past weekend, the snow is firm and hard in places and very soft in places - although the temps will be cooler this weekend.

If you have already registered online, but wish to cancel, please let me know and I will issue a full refund Please email me directly at bryn.black at wabiathlon.org.

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Winter World Masters Games 2015

The Winter World Masters Games ended this past Sunday, February 8th. This was the second WWMG in history, the first held in North America. The first games were held in Bled Slovenia in 2010. The Games and the International Masters Games Organization focus on Olympic style sport competitions and are supported by the International Olympic Committee. They are open to athletes 30 years old and up. The 2015 games were originally scheduled for Italy but some factors came up requiring that they move with just a years notice. Canada, Quebec and Quebec City took on the challenge and did a terrific job staging the games and showcasing the region, rolling out the Games and the Quebec Winter Carnival at the same time. When the games were announced there was great excitement here at the Washington Biathlon Association. Then came an announcement that Biathlon may not be an event at the games. Local lobbying led by Dave Anana, a letter writing campaign by U.S. and Canadian Biathlon club presidents and a grass roots movement within Canada convinced the Organizing Committee to include Biathlon and the serious planning began.

Four WBA biathletes went to the games to compete, Dave Anana, Bryn Black, Cory Hoeger and Dave Shaw. All went with the hopes of putting up credible results while competing against some of the best Masters in the world. They didnt disappoint. In fact they exceeded expectations. The competitions began February 5th with the Individual format event. While it is cold in Quebec this time of year, it got really cold as the games approached. The individual was shortened at the last minute due to concerns about the athletes health and hypothermia. The five lap, four shooting bout (prone-standing-prone-standing) competition became a four lap, three shooting bout (prone-standing-prone) event. The racers went off at 30 second intervals at 11:00 am in minus 17C temperatures over some challenging courses complicated by the very cold snow. Eighty plus biathletes from twelve countries were signed up. Even before the race started there was a mild stir during the zero. Bryn Blacks zero barely needed 10 rounds to be confirmed, despite the travel, the venue and the cold. Several people were asking how she could do that and there was some detailed discussion of the Sondre Nordberg dry-firing program she has been on. Once the racing began, Dave, Cory and Dave all had solid performances against very talented fields. Bryn was more than solid hitting 13 of 15 shots and finishing in second place just 1:31 behind Dana Ninajova-Bartalska of Slovakia in the largest womens field. Bryn scored the highest shooting percentage of all of the women at the games.

Friday the 6th was a day off. Some took time to practices at the terrific Valcartier venue while others took in Quebec City and the Winter Carnival. Saturday, February 7th dawned with more cold temperatures and the sprint race. This time the minus 16C temps and clam winds let the race go on as scheduled with no modifications. Again, Dave, Cory and Dave posted solid results and in the Masters 04 Women, Buff Wendt of Truckee, CA bounced up from her third place in the Individual to win the competition. Dana Ninajova-Bartalska took second and Bryn Black took third, almost three minutes ahead of fourth place and this time tying for the best shooting of the women.

On Saturday night the Games held their closing ceremony with some lively entertainment at the Quebec Convention Center while the Biathletes prepared for the final competition, the relay. Teams had been made up on the 7th and some included biathletes from different countries mixed together and age groups melded into teams. All of the WBA biathletes landed on all-USA teams. Cory Hoeger raced on USA team 2, age group 30 to 39. Dave Anana and Dave Shaw joined together with Jim Chaisson of New Mexico to form USA team 5, age group 50 to 65. Bryn Black was joined by Sprint winner, Buff Wendt and Elizabeth Pike or Boulder, Colorado on Womens USA team 3. They went up against an all Canadian team, a mixed Canadian/Italian team and an all Slovakian team that included Dana Ninajova-Bartalska, the Individual gold medalist and Sprint bronze medalist as well as Eva Lehotska, double gold medalist in the womens 30 to 34 age group (Individual and Sprint) and Olga Konupekova, Individual bronze medalist and Sprint gold medalist in the womens 50 to 54 age group. The day was clear and bright, but the shining sun did nothing to warm the air or snow. The start time temperature sat at minus 24C degrees. The Slovakian team went out strong and shot well, skiing only two penalty loops on the day. USA team 3 matched them shooting, with Bryn shooting clean and using only two extra rounds. Elizabeth Pike also shot clean using extra rounds. Buff Wendt skied very well but had rifle trouble on her final shooting bout, including a jammed casing which resulted in a several minute stay at the range. In the end the team finished second to the strong Slovakian and well ahead of Canadian/Italian and the all Canadian team. Over on the mens side, Cory Hoegers team struggled but Dave Anana and Dave Shaws team finished third behind the all Canadian New Brunswick & friends team and a combined USA/Australia team, scoring bronze medals.

All in all, the WBA contingent went to Quebec to try their best, put up credible results, enjoy the international camaraderie of Biathlon and the graciousness of their host. With five medals in the three competition Games, new friends made and the local culture taken in, the goals were clearly met and exceeded.

Results Now Posted

Results from WBA Race #1 & #2 are now posted!!

Lanny Barnes: T.O.P. Biathlon Clinic Feb 14-15, 2015

This advanced 2-day clinic is designed for the experienced biathlete and will focus on shooting with a high heart rate.

Lanny Barnes is the co-founder and President of T.O.P. Shooting Institute and is a three time Olympian in the sport of Biathlon. Lanny has been competing as an elite athlete and competitive shooter for over 15 years and has mastered shooting with an elevated heart rate and under stress. Also known as Lanny Oakley, she has developed a reputation as one of the best and fastest shooters in the world when she competed in Biathlon Word Cups for over 15 years and throughout three Olympic Games. The more stress that was put on her, the better she performed while shooting.

Space is limited so register today!
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Mark your Calendars!!

Jan. 10 Newcomer Clinic (skiing and wax clinic) SPNC
Jan. 11 Newcomer Biathlon Clinic (on range) SPNC
Jan. 24-25 Races #1&2 SPNC
Feb. 5-8 World Masters Games Quebec City, Canada
Feb. 14-15 T.O.P. Biathlon Clinic with Lanny Barnes (experienced biathletes)
Feb. 21-22 Races #3&4 SPNC
Mar. 7-8 Races #5&6 SPNC
Mar. 19-22 U.S. Nationals Truckee, CA
Apr. 11-12 Races #7&8 SPNC

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