Mark your Calendars!!

Jan. 10 Newcomer Clinic (skiing and wax clinic) SPNC
Jan. 11 Newcomer Biathlon Clinic (on range) SPNC
Jan. 24-25 Races #1&2 SPNC
Feb. 5-8 World Masters Games Quebec City, Canada
Feb. 14-15 T.O.P. Biathlon Clinic with Lanny Barnes (experienced biathletes)
Feb. 21-22 Races #3&4 SPNC
Mar. 7-8 Races #5&6 SPNC
Mar. 19-22 U.S. Nationals Truckee, CA
Apr. 11-12 Races #7&8 SPNC

Registrations will be opening soon at:

WBA Range Practice Day and National Guard Biathlon Training Day in October

October 25 - 26, 2014

The WBA and SPAA will host a biathlon training day for WBA members on Saturday October 25th. The day will start at 10:00 am with range set up on rifle range #2, our usual competition range, and continue until the range closes at 4:30 pm or when interest abates. The rest of the range complex will be open so ear protection is advised. There will be a $5.00 fee for non-SPAA members to cover per person range use. The WBA will have ammo for sale, limited per person quantity. This is not a day for newcomer instruction. The next newcomer training will be January 10th and 11th, 2015 at Stevens Pass Nordic.

On Sunday October 26th the Washington National Guard will hold a WBA supported training day to introduce new Guard members to the sport and the Guard Biathlon program and allow current members to practice and work on their range skills. The WBA will provide the equipment, a USBA Safety Class and several mentor/instructors. The day is open to WBA members also to practice and get to know the Guard team members.

End of Summer Results and Medals

Please save the date for the WBA Annual Membership Meeting. All summer series medals will be awarded during the meeting along with any medals that were not able to be handed out during the season. Note: to qualify for a summer series medal you must have participated in at least 4 races.

October 28, 2014
7 PM
The Alibi Room Greenwood (FAMILY FRIENDLY)
10406 Holman Road N
Seattle, WA 98133

We will also be offering a chance to renew your memberships (WBA and USBA) at the meeting.

Masters training camp

Casey and Raleigh are at it again with a training camp in Colorado.

2014 Annual Membership Meeting at Election

The annual WBA membership meeting has been set for 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 28th at the Alibi Room Restaurant at 10406 Holman Rd N. in Seattle. The Alibi Room in the Greenwood area is a family friendly restaurant specializing in brick oven pizza, salads and beer.

At this time the nomination period for the following WBA Board positions is open;

Vice President
Board Position # 2
Board Position #4
Athletes Representative (has addition qualification standards, below)

Note; each of these positions requires a very significant commitment to the management and leadership of the Association including actively attending and participating in Board meetings, taking a lead role in event scheduling, set-up, equipment maintenance as well as managing the Associations status with the state and federal government as a non-profit.

The nomination period ends September 16th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.

WBA By-Laws Article 5: Election of Board of Directors
Section 3. Nominations. A candidate for a position of the board of Directors must be nominated and seconded by an association member who is eligible to vote. A candidate may nominate him/herself, but cannot second, him/herself. Nominations may be made in advance to any board member during the nomination period from the August board meeting until the September board meeting. All nominees are encouraged to provide the Election Administrator with a brief (100 words) summary of their qualifications. Copies of each submitted summary will be provided to the membership with the mailed ballots and will be posted on the Associations web page.

Article 6: Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors
Section 1. F. Athlete Representative. One athletes representative can be elected from the Associations membership to serve on the BOD in the same capacity as the At-Large members. To be eligible for this position a member must be an active biathlon competitor with a USBA points list rating of 65% or higher or have finished in the top three of the preceding summer or winter season race series. If no Association member meets the point list criteria, the position will remain vacant.