2016 Winter Schdule

Jan 9 WBA Skate ski clinic at Stevens Pass
(Range practice day for experienced biathletes)
Jan 10 WBA Newcomer biathlon training day
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Jan 23 & 24 WBA Race weekend 1 at Stevens Pass

Feb 13 & 14 WBA Race weekend 2 at Methow Valley

Feb 27 & 28 WBA Race weekend 3 at Stevens Pass

Mar 12 & 13 WBA Race weekend 4 at Stevens Pass

Apr 2 & 3 WBA Race weekend 5 at Stevens Pass

All races are weather dependent.

Annual Meeting and Elections

WBA Members and Participants,

The Annual Meeting of the WBA Membership will be held on Thursday, October 29th at 7:00 pm at the Greenwood Alibi, 10406 Holman Rd N, Seattle. This is at Holman Rd and Greenwood Ave. It is the same place we were last year. The meeting is a social with families and friends welcome. Some business needs to be attended to, specifically the annual elections (see below) and a "state of the WBA" update.

Under the by-laws of our association the nomination period for position on the Board of Directors is open from now until September 22nd. The positions up for election are; President, Secretary, Board Position 1, Board Position 3 and Athletes Representative. Athletes Rep has some prerequisites for the position.

Our Election Administrator is Victor Woo who can be contacted at victor.woo(at)wabiathlon.org.

Regarding your vote, if you are not sure of your membership status for 2014-2015 contact Bryn Black (bryn.black(at)wabiathlon.org). Also on October 31st the membership year ends so annual memberships need to be renewed.

I hope all members can make it to the meeting. We had a lot of fun last year.

Article 5: Election of Board of Directors
Section 3: Nominations. A candidate for a position of the board of Directors must be nominated and seconded by an association member who is eligible to vote. A candidate may nominate him/herself, but cannot second, him/herself. Nominations may be made in advance to any board member during the nomination period from the August board meeting until the September board meeting or to the Election Administrator. All nominees are encouraged to provide the Election Administrator with a brief (100 words) summary of their qualifications. Copies of each submitted summary will be provided to the membership with the mailed ballots and will be posted on the Association's web page.

Article 6: Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors
F. Athlete Representative. One athlete's representative can be elected from the Association's membership to serve on the BOD in the same capacity as the At-Large members. To be eligible for this position a member must be an active biathlon competitor with a USBA points list rating of 65% or higher or have finished in the top three of the preceding summer or winter season race series. If no Association member meets the point list criteria, the position will remain vacant.

Summer Schedule

August 1-2 TOP Biathlon Clinic with Lanny Barnes at SPAA
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August 30 Cross Biathlon Mass Start and Mountain Bike Biathlon at Black Diamond
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April races officially cancelled

It is official, sadly SPNC has closed down for the season and the Biathlon races scheduled for April 11 & 12 are cancelled. We were able to get six of the seven points races in thanks in large part to the SPNC staff. For the winter season points race we will use points from all six races and total them up. You will have had to compete in three races to qualify for a season medal in your age group. This will be posted soon. We are still working on how to present the medals.

If you have lodging reservations for the April races and don't plan to use them, be sure to cancel in time that you don't get charged.

We are working on some dates to get together and haul the targets and equipment down from the SPNC range. We initially thought to do it in lieu of the April races, that weekend. But Mike Power reports it's pretty muddy past the remaining ice spots on Main Line and we may have to wait.

The Board met Tuesday and went over a summer schedule which we will post as soon as the venue schedules are set.

Nationals: 3rd day recap

2015 U.S. Biathlon National Championships Mixed Relay Race
Today, March 22 was day 3 and the final day of competitions for these U.S. Nationals. The race format for the day was an unofficial Mixed Relay, two men and one woman. The weather was cooler and cloudy. The wind gusted at times during the competition. With gusts hitting 20 MPH.
The relay teams and the order skiers went out were chosen by the race staff. Youth, Junior and Senior men skied the first leg, Women the middle leg and Masters men handled the anchor leg. The unofficial status of the race and travel issues caused several people to drop out. Rich McClung was still matched up with Paul Everett and youth Arianna Woods of Montana and looked to be the favorite. Especially after Paul hammered the first lap handing off a large lead to Arianna. Ari, a cross country skier turned biathlete did well but struggled on the range. It was only her fourth ever biathlon competition. But she kept a great attitude through out. Rich turned in a solid anchor leg and they finished in the pack. Chris Fletcher and Dave Anana team up together and also finished in the pack. The surprise of the day began Saturday night. Sabine Arnold was called by the organizers and told all of her teammates had dropped out, she had no team. They asked if she would be willing to race on a team with two women and one man. She readily agreed.
Sabine's team went out with Vermont's Michael Gibson turning a strong leg, he was followed by Clare Egan of Maine, who smoked her way around the course and handed a lead off to Sabine. But hot on her tracks was Methow's Scott Waichler and Dan Warren of the Auburn Ski Club. Sabine skied hard and cleaned her prone targets. She had two penalty loops after the standing shoot, but so did Waichler and Warren. But by then they had caught up and Sabine went out for her last loop in third place. She skied a great leg, held off all other teams and looked strong coming into the stadium, crossing the finish line in third place. It wasn't lost on anyone that a team with a Man-Woman-Woman line up was on the podium. The finish gave Sabine three medals in three events. Two silvers and a bronze. Sabine commented that the bronze with some much competition ean the most.
Special thanks to the organizers and staff for overcoming great difficulties and putting on a exciting and really fun week.
Bob V.