SAVE THE DATES: Sondre Nordberg 2-day Clinic May 31- June 1

We have set May 31st and June 1st, 2014 for a two day SONDRE NORDBERG Biathlon seminar in Seattle. Mr. Nordberg was here last summer presenting one day of training in Biathlon Dry-Fire Training. This year he has agreed to come back and do a two day seminar. Day One will be the Dry-Fire training with group Q&A feedback sessions and range session, an expansion of last year’s program. Day Two will be Mental Preparation for Biathlon Competition. This is an all new class based on Nordberg’s new book on the subject.
Given our experience last year in Seattle we feel confident in saying the presentations and feedback sessions are excellent, way beyond what we expected. Sondre is a Performance Coach professional with international experience guiding and advising individuals on remodeling and improving mental performance in Biathlon, professional sports and business.

Nordberg has a diverse background from several areas. He is a former biathlete from The Norwegian College of Elite Sports. He holds several Norwegian records for precision shooting and studied Psychology at Queen Margaret University Scotland. He is an excellent lecturer on groundbreaking ways of improving performance in biathlon. The author of the book “Dry Fire Training for Biathlon”, a revolutionary book that focuses on improving all aspects of biathlon shooting through Dry Fire Training. His presentation on improving mental performance in Biathlon is new.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and develop your skills to their maximum potential. Specific information on seminar costs and location will be posted as soon as they come in.

Mixed Relay and End of the Season Celebration

On Sunday 03-23-14 the WBA will hold the first Relay competition we have had in many years and the first ever Mixed Relay. This will be a no-points competition as far as the Season Point Race is concerned. The Season Points will be settled on Saturday, 03-22-14 with the Super Sprint competition. The mixed relay should be a very fun way to end our season and will be followed by a cook-out picnic at the range/warming hut, if the weather will cooperate.

A mixed relay is four biathlete teams using a 2 x 6km womens and a 2 x 7.5km mens race combined. Each competitors shoots twice. We are hoping for enough competitors to fill a bunch of teams. Should we run short we could go to three biathlete teams (1 x 6km womens race and a 2 x 7.5km mens). We will work a youth group into this also.

To try and keep this a level a field as possible and keep it fun we will draw teams from the list of entries on race day, so sorry, no stacked teams. This should be a lot of fun. Should we run short of scoring volunteers, since every team will have biathletes on the course, we will use the anchor leg of teams to score until the first leg finishes, then the first leg biathlete will take over.

After the relay we will have the season awards/medals, the cook-out, some shoot-off competitions if there is interest and a group photo. Please come join us as we end another great season at Stevens Pass Nordic, this will be a really fun way to close out the Biathlon Season for 2014 and head toward the Cross Biathlon and Mountain Bike Biathlon season this summer.

Online Registration will be open until 3/21/14 at 5pm.

Bob V.

Biathlon Clinic Full

The biathlon clinic for the upcoming weekend is FULL, with perhaps a couple of spots left for the skate clinic. However, snow conditions at SPNC are marginal at best - please stay tuned for announcements.

Calendar Correction

The February 8th and 9th races are at Liberty Bell High School in Winthrop, not SPNC as previously posted on the calendar.