2013 North American and Canadian National Biathlon Championships

Thanks to Chris Fletcher for the recap:

Fourteen biathletes from Washington State competed against 154 other biathletes from across Canada and the United States in the 2013 North American and Canadian National Biathlon Championships at Whistler Olympic Park, March 16th -20th.

Races opened on a wet Saturday with a sprint race format. Washington biathlete Lori Selby took first place in the 6km Masters Women's race. Dave Anana and Casey Smith each took second in their categories (Masters Men 6k, Junior Men 10k). In the Men's 10 km, Sean Kato finished 16th, Chris Fletcher 18th and Aaron Scott 21st. Masters Men 6 km Sprint: Cory Hoeger 8th, Josh Alms 9th, Jim Slyfield 11th, Dave Painter 12th and Victor Woo 14th. In the Masters Women 6km Bryn Black finished 5th.

Sunday was another wet day -- races were in a Pursuit format, with racers starting in the order they finished in Saturday's Sprint race. Dave Anana and Casey Smith again took second in their divisions (MM/JrM), with Jim Slyfield, Josh Alms, Cory Hoeger, David Painter and Victor Woo finishing 9th, 10th, 11th 12th and 14th in Masters Men respectively. In the Men's 12.5 km, Sean Kato finished 17th, Aaron Scott 21st and Chris Fletcher 22nd. In Masters Women 7.5 km Bryn Black finished 4th, Sabine Arnold 5th, and unfortunately Lori Selby disqualified on a false start.

Monday with improved weather provided a rest and training period.

Races resumed on Tuesday with a Mass Start or Individual format (depending on category) and cooler temperatures improved snow conditions. Casey Smith placed 2nd in the 12.5 km Mass Start. In the Men's 15 km Mass Start Chris Fletcher finished 17th and Aaron Scott 21st. Lori Selby moved to the Women's category, excited to try a more competitive age group and finished 14th. Sean Kato switched to the Master's Men 10 km and took 1st place, followed by Dave Anana in 3rd, Jim Slyfield 5th, Josh Alms 8th, David Painter 9th and Victor Woo 10th. Paul Everett, arriving back from the Junior National Cross-Country Ski races in Alaska, finished 8th in the Senior Boys 7.5km race.

Final race events on Wednesday consisted of mixed relay teams consisting of two men and one woman. In the 3 X 4.5 km relay the team of Sean Kato, Lori Selby and Dave Anana took first place with the team of Josh Alms. Sabine Arnold and Victor Woo taking 5th place. Competing in the longer 3 X 6 km relay the team with Paul Everett, Kelsey Dickinson and Casey Smith placed 3rd. Paul Everett raced on two relay teams finishing in 8th place with CJ Merhar and Anne Jehle. Jim Slyfield, Bryn Black and Chris Fletcher finished in 11th.

Full Sprint Race results can be found at the North American/Canadian Biathlon Championships website.